Words from the Peaceful Village

…where the kids are safe, the women are healthy, and the men all do their own laundry.

A Few Moments of Joy (NOT A MASTERPIECE)

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A Few Moments of Joy (NOT A MASTERPIECE)


Kissing a new lover to find our breath compatible…

Searching for the size I need among the dress patterns I adore – and finding it…

Cooking my favorite dish and tasting the seasoning tickle my throat, perfectly balanced…

Checking my bank account and finding an amount that covers all my bills and

                a movie, with snacks,

                with a Friend…

Losing an earring in the grass and finding it among the morning dew the next day…

Washing the dishes and finding no water spots after they dry…

Entertaining guests in a spotless home

                With plenty of food and music to share…

Dancing under the stars on a lovely, cool night in early September…


Living in the spaces between catastrophe…

Limping away from what could have been final defeat…

And breathing slowly and deeply

                With the realization of life

                as a wondrous,







Author: W. Noel Robbins

More coming soon...

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