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A Few Words on Climate Change: It’s All Connected

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Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director of Greenpeace International, spoke with Bill Moyers in September 2013 about the urgency of the need to effectively and decisively address climate change. His voice was so crisp, yet so firm. His words rang with a message of fair warning and hope. His voice, though, itself seemed to come from deep within him. He seemed to relax into each syllable. Between his words, I heard an echo of the Divine and direct knowledge of deep suffering. Such audial presence. It was a treat to have his voice so close. But I digress…

Mr. Naidoo spoke candidly about the extreme urgency of the need for humankind to turn the corner on better stewardship of the earth. He mentioned that the standard for carbon ppm (parts per million) set the upper-level in the air of 300; as of 2013, we’re preparing to surpass 400 carbon ppm. The world is sick, and we’re doing it. Corporations, governments, and other mega-institutions are killing humans to maintain themselves. We humans must not allow this. Something MUST be done. All hands on deck. It’s time to wake up…We’ve got only about 3-5 years to change course.

Upside to changing: BETTER WORLD for more people (and there are LOTS OF PEOPLE in the world, not just a few rich ones). Also, better world for people who have yet to be born. So in those terms, it’s actually a pro-life/pro-choice win-win. His lovely discussion with Mr. Moyers was heavy to hear, no doubt, but good to feel the Truth in the media. It’s refreshing as can be. Thanks, NPR! Downside to changing: lots of things are difficult about changing, if one does not feel READY for the change. However, the worst thing about change is the fight against it.

The urgency of anthropocentric climate change is perilously easy to ignore.

The signs show in the background. Culture seems to deny what is so common to us.

Why am I afraid to speak up? Why is anyone? We’ve been virtually promised annihilation if we ask the wrong question, know too much for our station, or demand more that the mere disregard of the True Elite.

So, is climate change the problem? Or is social justice the core of the issue? Can we do something about this, or are we frozen in our scripted dances of misery, bound to wait for the ‘end of days’ without a whimper or moan? So many of us have already taken our hands off the collective wheel of nation-driving.

Also, could it be that too many of our hearts are disengaged from the causes of our forefathers and our foremothers? We no longer know the time of the potter’s kiln and of the quilting bee. The secrets of the fishing net and the swaddling table are being lost. Sacred knowledge on how to survive and thrive, with minimal interference from nosy unknowns, surrounded the family heirlooms of old. Ancestral memories have faded in the noise from wi-fi and the internet, from which we rarely disconnect. But what of that time? What of that time was good? Can we reclaim the best of it? Aren’t there some gems of wisdom worth saving?

Undulating complexities shaped families and individuals in pre-Industrial America. Towns settled because groups of families decided it to be so. Then, corporations came, and their dreams became our reality. They took over where the pirates left off, and it’s been bally-fucking-hoo ever since.

In all the noise of contemporary 21st century First World culture, we are losing our humanity. Human connection, without the aid of technology, is a field of utter chaos. There are precious few aspects of life that we ALL value, and those aspects tend to be undervalued in the discussion of resource distribution. Wearing suits and using computers to make money for people who already have lots of money, as it turns out, are high marketable. Teaching kids, caring for the elderly, and keeping neighborhood communities healthy and safe…NOT so much. This is a losing strategy for a plan to move forward together. And NO, you are not allowed to try to inhabit another planet until you’ve FIXED THIS ONE FIRST.

Anyway…I digress…

We’ve brought civilization soooooo far. So far indeed. In furtherance of further development, further down the road…I humbly, firmly, and not at all politely DEMAND, on behalf of the women and children who have died under drone attacks, systemic injustices as youth, and near-absolute disrespect in the labor market as adults, COMPLETE DEDICATION TO ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE. I’ve posed some starter objectives below:

1. Repeal all laws and de-institute all policies which support, create, or maintain fossil fuel production.

2. Devote one hundred percent of all remaining funding toward green industry development, focusing on jobs, research, education, and skill development for use in 21st century eco-renewal.

3. Government-wide adoption of ecological practices, from the feds to the county clerk.

4. Complete divestment of resources from fossil fuel production, development, and distribution in both domestic and foreign markets.

We’re living at a time when it is CRUCIAL to realize the best of what has been. Can we not work toward the brightest future of the human race and the world in which we live, to move together toward EVOLUTION?

More to come…but in the meantime…What do you think?

“I look forward to our next conversation.”



Author: W. Noel Robbins

More coming soon...

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