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Open Letter to a U.S. Congressman

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Dear Congressman:

I have been watching the proceedings around the vote on this ridiculous law regarding abortion funding. As your constituent, I have the following comments and requests:

1. You’re wasting time with it. The bill will be dead on arrival, and there are MANY MUCH more pressing matters on priority list for us. It represents a fundamental mishandling of public resources to address private issues.

2. If you mean to disrupt Obama’s re-election, you are going about it the WRONG way. I urge you to do your part to get our nation back to work. Your vote for The President’s Jobs Bill will be a step toward putting us back on the path of restoring our rightful place among nations in the Global Community (which suffered mightily under the previous Administration).

3. Leave women’s health to the experts. Our bodies do not belong to you: I am confident that the female body – AND ALL THAT IT CONTAINS – fall under complete ownership of the occupant. This legislation is unjust because it attempts to treat the bodies of women as a receptacle for that which belongs to the State. This even violates the civil rights of “the fetus”…by negating the sovereign right of its mother,  its SOLE connection to this world, to determine the best path forward for herself and her family, it demoralizes and devalues the intimate nature of the mother-child relationship. Anti-abortion laws, in general, seem to hold human life as variably sacred; their inherent hypocrisy is dwarfed only by the magnitude of their failure on a social level (abortion laws have NOT been associated with FEWER abortions). Could it be that industries are looking for a new “cash cow” population for the private prison system because of the pending epic failure of the “War on Drugs”? Perhaps, once reproductive rights have been outlawed, girls, women, the men who love them, and the courageous health care staff who are roguish enough to help them will supply fresh meat for the justice system? KNOW THIS: We women will NOT go down without a fight for our personal right, the lives of our daughters, and THEIR right to choose what’s best for themselves.


One of We, The People


Author: W. Noel Robbins

More coming soon...

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